Major League Draft Services

According to google analytics a small handful of people come to Major League Draft Services on any given day to learn about how to navigate the Major League Baseball Amateur Draft. We haven't charged a customer for more than two years and much of the information we provide here is now outdated. Still, we left up what we had because we believe there should be more transparency in the MLB Draft process.

We are being forced to take down this information because TuneSat and their lawyer believe we are an operation business. She is demanding more than $10,000 because a video editor friend of ours allegedly used an obscure music track as the background for our intro video that he believed was public domain back in 2011. This video received a total of 290 views and we suspect the majority of those views were our own staff. Despite removing the video the moment we received her cease and desist email (sent to an account we don't closely monitor), she continues to demand we pay more in resitution than the total revenue generated in the company's short history. So in order to avoid any further wasted energy to convince you that we are in fact a defunct business, we are removing this website, the last evidence that Major League Draft Services ever existed.

Congratulations for taking down the Goliath that is Major League Draft Services. The world is a better place because you are in it.